Metadata Submitter

Metadata Submission service to handle submissions of metadata, either as JSON, XML files or via form submissions via the Single Page Application frontend.

Metadata Submitter is divided intro Metadata Submitter Backend and Metadata Submitter Frontend, both of them coming together in a Single Page Application that aims to streamline working with metadata and providing a submission process through which researchers can submit and publish metadata.

The application’s intended use is with NeIC SDA (Sensitive Data Archive) stand-alone version, and it consists out of the box includes the ENA (European Nucleotide Archive) metadata model, model which is used also by the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA).

Metadata Submitter Architecture and Metadata Overview

Out of the box the metadata-submitter offers:

  • flexible REST API for working with metadata;
  • validating metadata objects against ENA XSD metadata models and their respective JSON schema;
  • asynchronous web server;
  • OIDC authentication;
  • dynamic forms based on JSON schemas;
  • simple wizard for submitting metadata.

A command-line interface for validating any given XML file against a specific XSD Schema has also been implemented see XML Validation CLI.

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